BLiSS is the internationally acclaimed musical project by musician Yonatan Marcow.

Throughout his childhood Yonatan’s life was revolved around music and throughout his youth he has been an active member in various rock & metal bands. At the age of 16, with already a strong guitar background Yonatan discovered the art of electronic music and was immediately captivated by it.

In 2003 Yonatan’s solo project BLiSS came to life.

In 2005 after a couple of years in the studio polishing his signature print sound BLiSS debut album ‘The Rythmus Gene’ was released by UK based Phantasm Records. The album was a huge success and was fast adopted by leading producers & Dj’s who featured the track on their set. A bountiful international performance schedule than followed and it has just been getting stronger ever since.

After a long anticipation in 2008 BLiSS releases his massive second featured studio album ‘The Looney Bin’ (Phantasm Records) which became sold out overnight.

After collaborating for a few years with fellow producer and Nutek Records head ‘Painkiller’ the duo releases their debut collaboration album under the alias ‘A-Team’. A-Team has released 2 studio albums, a compilation and various track on EP’s and Comp’s.

2009 brings about another successful join venture this time between BLiSS & Azax Syndrom in the form of an album titled ‘Azax BLiSS – Round 1’. Round 2 was released in 2011.

BLiSS signature print sound and his uncompromising production level has led him to the top of his genre and to be considered as one of the TOP influential producers in roaming planet earth. He has placed a new definition into what is referred to as Full On Power Trance.

BLiSS is a true performer known for his energetic live guitar sets and his close contact with the crowd.

With over 120 successful concerts in 2014 alone BLiSS is considered as one of the hottest producers in the global electronic music scene. BLiSS headlines the world’s most demanding stages including recent performances such as: Tomorrowland (Belgium), Earthcore (Australia), World Trance Festival (France), BAT XI (Argentina), Fantastic Festival (Mexico), Tribe (Brazil) to name just the immediate few.

In his homeland, Israel, BLiSS is considered a household brand with performances ranging from club venues, open air festivals to large scale municipalities & commercial companies events.