Mystical Complex

Mystical Complex is Eddie Zaltsman, 26, currently living in Cape Town (SA). At the young age of 14, he discovered the magic of psytrance music & with the help of friends, begun experimenting and eventually producing music. He then created his official ”MYSTICAL COMPLEX” project at the end of 2006. After continuous work & effort, his tracks went international and Eddie toured for the first time to both Russia and Mexico in the same month. After the positive response from the crowed, which was ”like music to his ears”, he decided to take his music production more seriously. Today, he has toured all around the globe and blasted many dancefloors.

Eddie has also a created the project ‘Royal Flush’ which became an immediate success and was embraced by DJ’s and Listener’s all around the world and got great feedbacks from the crowed and great support by Worldwide famous PsyTrance acts.

Instead of Using words , Eddie tells a story through his unique sounds and crazy melodies – combining powerful psytrance flow, and spiritual experimentation , made with outrageous passion, aggression & lots of soul.