touring 21 July - 30 July


Outsiders is the leading electronic trance project of Haim Lev & Guy Malka based in the sunny southern city – Beer Sheva.

During the past two years, Outsiders have managed to collaborate with a record number of leading international producers including Tristan, Electric Universe, Symbolic, Laughing Buddha, Burn In Noise, Sonic Species, Avalon, to name just the immediate few.

Outsiders have released a bountiful amount of successful tracks that have topped the charts of pretty much all of the leading electronic music platforms including Beatport & iTuns. Their music have been released by leading international labels such as TIP Records, Trancelucent Productions, Nano Records, Sourcecode, HOMmega, Digital OM, Alchemy, Tech Safari and more.

In the beginning of 2014 the duo was signed by leading, veteran, UK based label, TIP Records, led by Psy Trance phenomena Raja Ram and are currently hard at work in the studio working on their new album.

The duo hold a groundbreaking performing schedule and have performed on the most demanding stages including Boom Festival (Portugal), Hilltop NYE(GOA), Mystica (Switzerland), TIP Festival (Israel), Magic Union (Portugal), SoulVision Festival (Brazil), Tribe Festival (Brazil), Playground (Denmark), Psymind (France), Free Earth Festival (Greece), Pandora (Denmark), U.N.I.T.Y Festival (Israel), Ecologic 9 Anos (Brazil), Earth Dance Festival (Hungary), MUV Cultura Alternativa (Brazil), Samsara Festival 15 Anos (Brazil), Hadra Festival (France), Alice in Wummerland (Germany), Ravepartiescorp (Argentina), Atmosphere Festival (Israel), Rezonance NYE Festival (South Africa), Groovy Troopers (South Africa) to name the immediate few.

Future dates include Ozora Festival (Hungary), Burning Mountain Festival (Switzerland), Poison Festival (Mexico), Noisily Music Festival (UK), Freedom Festival (Portugal), Earthcore Festival (Australia).